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Great Park Board Goes To Europe To Evaluate Greater Parks

The Orange County Great Park has been the bane of North Orange County, and the darling of South Orange County.  Kind of like the love that Northern California and Southern California have for one another.  Me?  I live in Orange County, right in the middle.

The Board of Directors of the Great Park recently went on a trip to Europe.  They viewed parks, presumably to get an idea how to build the one that we have.  The Orange County Blog apparently followed along, and took photos (click on the "More Photos" link in the sidebar of the last link). 

Not everyone agreed with the trip, and a city council candidate was predictably critical of the trip, as were several others who commented on the Orange County Register's weblog (I couldn't find the comments to link). 

No matter what your vote was on the Park, it's a fact, and you'll have to enjoy it, whether you wanted an airport or not.  Even so, you can still have an effect and vote on the designer.  Even if you didn't go to Europe.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 21:24 Comments (0)


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