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Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On What's Next For Vioxx

Coast to Coast, with my co-host Robert Ambrogi, takes a hard look at the future for Vioxx litigation nationwide, particularly after the recent win for Merck Pharmaceuticals in the New Jersey trial. 

Our very special guests in the discussion are nationally recognized Attorney Tom Girardi of the LA firm of Girardi-Keese, known for taking on goliaths in the past.  Tom has extensive experience in trying pharmaceutical litigation cases.  One of his best known cases was against Pacific Gas, who agreed pay $333 million to residents of the desert community of Hinkley, California.  The residents blamed incidents of cancer and other diseases on contaminated water leaked from a gas pumping station.  That case was the storyline for the movie ‘Erin Brockovich.’  Attorney Girardi was appointed by Judge Eldon Fallon the the Liaison Committee for the Multi-district Litigation committee in the Vioxx product litigation cases.

Our other guest is Attorney Dawn Barrios of the Louisiana firm of Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix.  She represents approximately 2000 personal injury clients from more than 30 states.  Both Tom and Dawn serve on the Liaison Committee for MDL-1657 for VIOXX product liability litigation. 

Our third guest is New Jersey Law Journal reporter Lisa Brennan who covered the recent New Jersey Vioxx trial and has spoken to jurors and the lawyers on both sides since the verdict.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear this discussion.

Tune in here, or click on the podcast icon below.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, November 11, 2005 at 19:57 Comments (0)


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