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Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On Judge Samuel Alito's Supreme Court Nomination

Coast to Coast, with my co-host Robert Ambrogi takes up the controversial discussion of the President's latest nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Samuel Alito, with special guests with special insights.  Join us along with our three guests: 

Matt Margolis, the founder/editor of Blogs for Bush.   In the summer of 2003, Matt conceived the idea of Blogs For Bush, and the site launched on November 3, 2003.  In a short period of time, Blogs For Bush became the largest blog community dedicated to a political candidate.  Matt was one of the first bloggers to receive credentials for the Republican National Convention.  He also runs GOP Bloggers, a grassroots website uniting bloggers who support the Republican Party. 

Law Professor Carl W. Tobias from the University of Richmond School of Law, the Williams (no relation) Professor of Law at University of Richmond School of Law.  Professor Tobias is also the author of numerous tributes and shorter book reviews in various law journals.  He has also written many commentaries and op-ed pieces for news publications including the National Law Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Times, Legal Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Examiner, and Baltimore Sun.

Drucilla Ramey, Executive Director of the National Association of Women Judges.  She is a civil rights attorney and formerly Executive Director of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

Tune in here, it's a must-listen.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Tuesday, November 01, 2005 at 19:01 Comments (0)


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