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What Would Pacman Think?

You, like me, may be part of the generation that grew up just as personal computers came into favor, while we were playing our hearts out with video games, including those common household games like Atari 2600 and its classic titles of Pacman and Pitfall. The games were good, clean fun with simple graphics and even simpler audio. In fact, the audio was often nearly incomprehensible.

So it caught my attention when I read that the “actors” that provide voices for today’s crop of video games are seeking a new contract for their services. I had never considered that there were “actors” involved in video games, so I headed down to the local electronics store and looked over the current selection of titles and played a few sample games. No question about it folks, you can recognize the voices of some very famous actors in these games. Perhaps the proposed contract that would increase pay - but not pay residuals - is in order.

If the game developers and actors can’t reach an agreement, however, then we might have to go back to the likes of Missile Command and Pole Position. Would that really be so bad?

Ah, the good old days.

Posted by Michel J. Ayer on Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 01:12 Comments (0)


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