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Grades Are In, And The Profession Calls

Law school Deans across the country got their report cards last week, and they got A's and F's. According to the article (last link), the grades are:

"On the positive side:
82 percent of students rated their schools 'good' or 'excellent.'
82 percent were encouraged to learn by applying classroom theory to practical problems.
96 percent posed questions to spark classroom discussion.
94 percent found campus library services satisfactory or better.
76 percent were satisfied with their schools' emphasis on law practice ethics.

On the negative side:
63 percent of students said they received scant support in job placement.
56 percent had not participated in pro bono or volunteer work.
56 percent incurred $60,000 or more in tuition debt.
32 percent never have substantive discussions with faculty outside of class.
18 percent said they "never" received prompt written or oral feedback from professors."

A ringing endorsement, and a ringing condemnation. Looks like the Deans have their work cut out for them. Is that it? Do we rely on the Deans? As lawyers, are there things we can do?

Well, to counter the negative grades, how about:
Assist law school grads looking for jobs
Encourage pro bono work in the practice of law
Set aside a percentage of first-, second- and third-year salaries to pay down debt
Act as a mentor for law school students
Assist law students in the study of law and legal writing

Consider contacting your local Dean, and pitching in. The profession is calling.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, May 01, 2005 at 02:00 Comments (0)


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