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We Have Met The Enemy, And It's The Blog

You know I don't cover celebrity legal news (an oxymoron itself). I live behind the Orange Curtain.

Really. I don't get out much.

So it is something for me to pass this one along to you: the Peterson trial blog. OK, I will admit that it's on Court TV, so that should tell you something.

It's the Armageddon of our times, the end of the world.

The Peterson Trial Blog? There's someone actually blogging about this stuff? Come on. Let's get some real news coverage.

That's just like telling a cop when you get pulled over for speeding that she should go out and catch some real criminals. Reporters don't like it. Apparently someone(s) does (do), though, because the Peterson Blog got published.

So why am I writing about it? Well, I am in San Francisco today and tomorrow.

Maybe that explains it.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, November 05, 2004 at 19:48 Comments (0)


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