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California Beaches Not Rated, But Still Clean

Are our beaches here in California clean, or are we just cheap?

Probably not either one. Turns out that we may be being blackmailed.

Californians, along with officials in several other states, refused to pay for a group to come here and "rate" our beaches.

Clean Beaches, a "non-profit" charges $2,500 to "rate" a beach as clean, and $1,500 for every year thereafter. For that sum, you get a "blue" code on the organization's website. If you don't pay, your beach is rated "red." Apparently, the Washington, DC-based group hadn't made it out to California, except by telephone.

No West Coast beach was rated as clean, leading the group's founder and President Walter McLeod to suggest those beaches were not qualified. "We toughened our criteria last year, which means that beaches have to build up to become certified,' McLeod said to CNN last month.

When questioned recently about the lack of payments, however, McLeod responded, "I probably may have misconveyed that it was quality criteria alone that caused California or Hawaii not to be in the program. If that was communicated, then that's certainly not what we intended."


Go swim in the Potomac. That's nice and clean.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Wednesday, July 28, 2004 at 11:15 Comments (0)


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