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WLF's Fifth Annual Fall Harvest Open House - We've Got A New Name

WLF grew a bit last night - we added a name to our letterhead, unveiled appropriately at our Fifth Annual Fall Harvest Open House.  We're now WLF | The Williams Lindberg Law Firm, PC, and we've very proudly changed our logo on our website.  If you weren't here, we missed you.  If you missed it and want to come next year, then please save the date now - it will be Thursday, November 13, 2008.  Make sure you let us know you want to come so we can send you an invitation.

Our named partner, Craig Lindberg, is a well-known litigator, having established the precedent in contributory copyright infringement, used most famously to shut down Napster.  He's also an excellent litigator, writer and all-around good guy.  He's been my partner since we started, now almost five years, and he successfully twisted my arm to change that logo you see at the top of the page.  I'm tremendously proud to have him as a named partner, as were all nearly 140 guests at last night's party.

The party, put together by our very own Leigh Dierck and catered by the always yummy Plums Cafe, was a big hit with our guests, including one very well known anonymous guest, known best in the blogosphere as Ed. of the Blawg Review.  Leigh got him to give up his last name for his nametag, and it read Ed Post.  I'm not convinced.  But just so you're convinced he was here, here's his business card, drawn from the offbeat (just like our famous editor) Gaping Void by Hugh MacLeod.

Another famous blogger, Dan Hull of What About Clients? also attended along with Ellen Bry, and we all gabbed until after midnight, shutting the party down.

Remember, though - next year's Open House won't start until you get here and won't finish until you leave.  We're looking forward to seeing you. 

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, November 09, 2007 at 20:07 Comments (0)


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