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Insurance Companies Claim No CyberCoverage

Read your insurance policy carefully - there are some out there who claim most insurance policies don't cover losses from cyber-attacks or other computer failures.  But most policies MIPTC has seen include some type of computer failure coverage, perhaps not the best, but some.

The lesson, however, is to call your insurance agent and ask.  Better yet, follow the advice given by most lawyers, abbreviated by three little letters:  RTC (Read the contract) before you jump off the deep end thinking you're completely exposed to the wind.  Get that policy out, dust it off and take a look at it.

Or just send it over to your friendly neighborhood lawyer tor a quick look-see.  Your lawyer will likely find a few other things you might want to think about.  Then, take that policy and put it in a fireproof safe. 

Think of it as money in the bank, just waiting for someone to make a claim against it.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, October 07, 2007 at 22:17 Comments (0)


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