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La Meme Chose - Simply The Best

The anonymous (well, to some) Editor at the weekly blawg review, started a meme to identify his/her choice of Simply The Best Top Ten Blawgs, and May It Please The Court is extremely flattered to be included on that short list.  As a nominee, I've been asked to identify my top ten favorite legal blogs (or blawgs, in the parlance).  Any such list is fraught with peril because there are so many good blawgs out there.  I'd feel better if I could rattle off my top 100, but that's not the meme, so I'll stick with the program.

Here they are:

A Criminal Waste of Space

Adam Smith, Esq.

Blawg Review

Common Scold



Patent Baristas


The UCL Practitioner

What About Clients?

Don't worry if your blog didn't make it on this list - it's not a function of your fine writing, because there are many out there who should be on this list.  In fact, there are several others that I'd like to include on this list but didn't because I tried to limit it to those who post very frequently.  Frankly, I would have simply duplicated the Ed.'s list, but that would be, well, redundant and not very refreshing or informative.  So, for those on Ed.'s list and not listed here, you've already got my vote.

I would be remiss, as well, if I didn't recognize this writer's blogmother, Denise Howell, the one who got me off and running.  Apart from this list, and the long one that's MIPTC"s blogroll, my other favorite blogs, thanks most of all to you who read this blog day after day.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Wednesday, October 03, 2007 at 23:55 Comments (0)


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