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The ESI Report On The Legal Talk Network Starts Out With a Big Case

Regular listeners and readers know MIPTC is a co-host of the Internet radio show, Lawyer 2 Lawyer on the Legal Talk Network.   

The LegalTalkNetwork has launched 'The ESI Report' sponsored byKroll Ontrack, an e-discovery provider who offers computer forensics and consulting products and services.  In modern litigation, you can't afford to ignore electronically stored information, so this program is essential for any law practice.

The show is hosted by Michelle C.S. Lange, Esq., Director of Product Line Management and Legal Technologies forKroll Ontrack.  Ms. Lange has been a guest on Lawyer 2 Lawyer and is a leading expert on technology's role in the law.  She also co-authored the American Bar Association book, Electronic Evidence and Discovery:  What every Lawyer Should Know

The first ESI Report covers advanced e-discovery search technologies with guest Dave Chaplin, VP of Engenium Search.  Ken Withers, Director, Judicial Education and Content at The Sedona Conference aslo joins Michele for The Buzz, including news about the recently revised "Sedona Principles."  Finally, Joni Heikes, Staff Attorney at Kroll Ontrack provides a Bits & Bytes Legal Analysis of Columbia Pictures Industries v. Bunnell, better known as the RAM case.

By clicking here, you can listen to this Legal Talk Network show, the ESI Report.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 at 18:30 Comments (0)


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