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Next Time, Deliver Them Yourself

Leroy Greer placed an order with to send one dozen long-stemmed roses and a cuddly plush stuffed animal to his girlfriend.  He was nice enough to send along a card that read, "Just wanted to say that I love you and you mean the world to me!"

Pause here for an appropriate "aaahhh" for Leroy's thoughtfulness.

There were just two little problems, however.  Leroy was married at the time and when months later sent Leroy a thank you note with a discount coupon for his next order, Leroy's wife didn't remember getting flowers or a stuffed toy as a result of the first order.  When she called to inquire, the company sent her a copy of everything, including the invoice, a copy of Leroy's note card and even the name and address of Leroy's girlfriend.


According to this Complaint filed in Texas where he lives, Leroy relied on's privacy policy, which stated, "you may instruct that other personal information about you or your message or gift recipients' that you have provided to us not be shared with third parties."  Leroy claims he gave the company that instruction. 

Leroy filed the Complaint because his wife upped the ante in their divorce and moved it into the contested proceedings realm, which means Leroy will end up paying more to his wife, Bernice.  Leroy and Bernice were actually separated at the time he sent the flowers/stuffed toy and they had been (mostly) amicably progressing along the way to an uncontested divorce.  Apparently, according to the Complaint, Texas law allows for a contested divorce when one of the parties commits adultery, even during a separation pending a final divorce.

There's nothing worse than a woman scorned.  When Bernice sent a copy of the incriminating evidence to Leroy, she penned a taunting note at the bottom, "Be a man! If you got caught red handed then don't still lie."

Double ouch.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, August 12, 2007 at 12:22 Comments (0)


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