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MIPTC Takes A Bow: LA Press Club Awards This Blog Best In Online Design And Layout

May It Please The Court went to the Los Angeles Press Club awards last night and came home a first-place winner in the Online Design and Layout category.  The Judges' commented:  "Easy-on-the-eyes palette appropriate to the subject matter.  Does a good job of accessibility and navigation to content across a variety of forms.  User-friendly interface helps invite the reader to read a site devoted to a potentially tough vertical topic."

Well, thank you very much, LA Press Club judges.  It's MIPTC's second win in a row; as noted over there in the left navigation bar, last year the Press Club awarded MIPTC the Best Individual Weblog.  This year, MIPTC won "Honorable Mention" in that category.  A hat tip goes to our very own Leigh Dierck for her work in submitting MIPTC for the two awards, and kudos as well to our design team, Optimal Design Group for working with us on the winning redesign of our blog, to Rushabh Jhaveri at Neurosity for putting it together and keeping everything working and Nigel and Ursula Nelmes of EPI Marketing, together with Bryan Ventura for our original design concept.  It was a team effort, all the way around.

Now here's a question for you, dear reader:did you find all the "Easter eggs" on our website?  Hint (and spoilers abound):  read the Primer page.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, June 17, 2007 at 17:33 Comments (0)


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