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No Wonder His Fees Were So Low

When you pay someone $100 to fight an eviction or 10 bucks to fight a traffic ticket, you may want to ask the person doing the work to see his bar license.  He probably doesn't have one.  The low fee may be your first clue. 

But when George Robotis appeared in an Illinois criminal court, Judge John Kirby noticed that the "lawyer" hadn't included his bar number on the pleading he filed to represent a criminal defendant.  That was the second clue.  The Judge asked him for his bar number, and according to Eric Herman of The Chicago Sun-Times, who had a source in the courtroom, Mr. Robotis responded, "Oh, I'm not an attorney."

The Judge promptly hooked up Mr. Robotis, who's now in jail under $75,000 of bail.  He's charged with one misdemeanor count, and it's likely more will follow.  He's been "representing" people for over a year, according to this article in the Sun-Times, not only in Illinois, but also in Indiana. 

Anyone else who "hired" Mr. Roberts should call 773-869-6403 and ask for Sheriff Tom Darts.  The Sheriff says Mr. Robotis has an extensive criminal record, stretching to some 30 convictions, which include 23 for larceny, robbery, narcotics and weapons charges. 

Just the kind of "lawyer" I want to hire.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 02:26 Comments (1)


Comments by TechAtty from United States on Monday, January 29, 2007 at 10:40 - IP Logged
Apparently there is a strong demand in the Midwest for such Attorney stand-ins.
I recently came across this posting on the Milwaukee Craigslist gig board: "Need someone to play a convincing, high power lawyer" The author of the solicitation (ID: 255456196), goes on to explain that "I have neither the time, nor the respect for the plaintiff and DA who signed this abused complaint to show up in court and stroke their egos. I would rather pay someone to trick her into dropping the case because she cannot afford a lawyer."
If only I had known, I would have spent more time at the gym and with my haberdasher rather than engage in all that silly studying during law school!

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