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MIPTC and C2C Take A Bow

MIPTC would like to thank the infamous and anonymous "Ed." (which I've always presumed stood for "Editor," not "Edward" or "Edwina," but only his/her hairdresser knows for sure), the publisher of the Blawg Review for naming MIPTC the winner of two awards, Best Blog by a Practicing Attorney and  Best Law Blog Design.  The latter award was also granted to the Optional Design Group and Neurosity Productions, who are responsible for MITPC's blog design and site development/maintenance, respectively, and the real power behind this blog.

Coast to Coast also took home an award from Blawg Review for Best Legal Podcast, an award I share with my co-host Bob Ambrogi and our producers, the Legal Talk Network.  Dennis Kennedy was likewise kind enough to name Coast to Coast the winner of the 2006 Blawggie Award for Best Legal Podcast.  The ABA Journal recently named our weekly podcast as one of the Top Ten In Tech for 2006 in its December issue. 

MIPTC commends your further reading of Dennis' and the Blawg Review posts, both of which acknowledge many other fine bloggers out there who earned laurels, too, and deserve their kudos. 

But like Time magazine's Person of the Year, you, the readers of all these blogs, are the real winners.  Congratulations to all.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, December 29, 2006 at 02:15 Comments (0)


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