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RIM and NTP Are In The Make-up Honeymoon Phase. Will It Last This Time?

OK, MIPTC was wrong.  I had predicted the downfall of the BlackBerry because it seemed the parties were so far apart and in philosophically different camps that they wouldn't be able to reach an agreement.  But, as most BlackBerry users have found out by now, RIM, the maker of the BlackBerry, and NTP, the holder of the patent for the software that makes the BlackBerry work, have resolved their differences and patched things up.

For $612 million, but without future royalties.  For now.  While I've learned not to say I told you so on this one, we had a deal once before (for $450 million) that fell apart.  It's not a deal I would have made, but then again, if somebody gave me $450 million, I probably wouldn't complain.

Time will tell if this one holds together.  After all, the verdict was for $695 million, and Judge James Spencer sent a strong signal to RIM in Friday's hearing that he was about to issue the injunction, putting RIM out of business.  RIM apparently (and finally) got the message. 

Will the wife of the now-deceased inventor be satisfied with a $83 million discount and no future royalties?  If you're in the driver's seat, would you be satisfied?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Saturday, March 04, 2006 at 11:25 Comments (0)


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