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Google Fights Government Intrusion Into Your Searches

You have to love the internet.  In a matter of moments, MIPTC was able to find the government's brief in support of its complaint to get Google to turn over your and my internet searches (shudder).  Google has refused to comply.

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have each already caved and provided the search information, although each claims that no identification was turned over.   Oddly enough, Yahoo warns us that Google's Desktop search could compromise our privacy.

Cloaked in the flag of protecting children from pornography (work-and government-safe link) and those who would prey on them, the government seeks to find out what you're searching.  "If you have nothing to hide..." the old argument goes.

I don't, but I still don't like Big Brother leaning over my keyboard.  Isn't that what the NSA is for anyway?

The hearing on the turnover of Google's search information has not yet been set, but MITPC will keep a close eye on it from a discreet distance.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Monday, February 27, 2006 at 20:07 Comments (0)


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