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My love of writing started with not being allowed to “play” on the computer unless we had completed our mandatory minutes of educational programming on our family farm in Iowa. Now, some twenty plus years later, I know the influence that Mavis Beacon’s Typing Tutor and other software as well as the first new set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica had on my life.

It started with a love a reading. I devoured books as a child and still do when I have the chance. I attempted to read the entire set of encyclopedias and although I never finished, the reading “bug” had bitten. The joy and appreciation of writing evolved more gradually, but the catalyst was unquestionably learning to type. Blessed with parents who expected me to always give my best effort and who were always ready to provide whatever support was required to ensure that I followed through, I gained an early appreciation for the craft of the written word. My Dad, who authors this blog, must have imparted his love of writing to me.

As I grew up, my appetite for reading never wavered, but the opportunities to write shifted. My studies drew me overseas where I explored the Italian and German languages, eventually earning advanced and basic European diplomas. Developing writing skills in foreign languages helped me to clarify my thoughts and improved my writing in English as well.

After college I moved to Napa, California and went to work in the wine business. The opportunities to write shifted once again. Both the inspiration and the form of what I wrote were new. I “worked” diligently to develop my wine palate and to convey what my senses appreciated onto paper. I still enjoy this type of writing and continue to post my tasting notes at Cellar Tracker.

Now, having left the wine country and returned to Iowa to study law, my writing has changed again. I am not sure if I write like a lawyer. During my studies so far, my gauge for my legal writing has had two indicators. First, and obviously very important, whether the writing pleases my professor. Second, and equally important, whether my wife understands what I’ve written. It is my hope, with these two reference points, that my posts on MIPTC will on occasion elicit a laugh, cause you to scratch your head in thought, or just simply smile.