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Just Blame It On Your Mother

Mothers get blamed for a lot of things, but this time, she got a bad rap.  After leading police on a high-speed chase trying to escape after robbing a bank, leaning out the window taking shots at the police and then smashing his (stolen?) Corvette into a levee, Terrence Lee Mackey, 63, blamed the whole thing on his Mom.

He wanted to see her.  Or so he said.  Just missed her. 

He had been in prison (now there's a surprise), and located outside of driving distance so his mother was unable to visit him regularly.  When asked for a defense, he replied, "I wouldn't be standing here today if I'd been sent to Florida like I asked," claiming instead that officials refused to jail him near his mother in Florida after he violated parole in 1982.   Another shocker - a parole violation. 

What about the bank robbery?  I'm guessing he wanted to give the money to his Mother.  And firing at police?  "The police were shooting at me," he said.

A classic case of self-defense.  Just in case you're wondering, Mr. Mackey will be spending the next 29 years in jail.  Likely not near his Mother, either. 

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, October 28, 2005

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