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Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program Takes On Lawyers, Guns & Money

The new Coast to Coast podcast with my co-host Robert Ambrogi is up and today's topic on guns sparks a rapid-fire discussion about the new law that shields gunmakers from crime-victim lawsuits, called The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms.  Our three special guests are Josh Horowitz, the Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, David Kopel, Research Director of the Independence Institute and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal on Firearms & Public Policy and the inimitable Professor Eugene Volokh from the UCLA School of Law whose blog is The Volokh Conspiracy.

Mr. Horowitz's Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence are organizations at the forefront of the gun violence prevention movement.  Josh focused his organizationís efforts on closing illegal firearms markets by eliminating unregulated transfers of firearms and pursuing litigation against the gun industry.  He is also a lawyer with a background in torts and civil rights, and recognized as an expert on firearm litigation and has developed a unique database of cases and court documents that assist efforts to reform the firearms industry.  One of his cases was dismissed as a result of this new federal statute.

Attorney David Kopel is also an Associate Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute and a contributing editor to several other publications, including Liberty Magazine, Gun Week and The Firearms & Outdoor Trade.  David is a Former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Colorado and an expert on firearms policy, juvenile crime, drug policy and criminal sentencing.

Although he needs no introduction in the blogosphere, Professor Volokh teaches Constitutional Law II (Free Speech), Copyright, Firearms Regulation, and the law of government and religion at the UCLA School of Law.  He is a nationally recognized expert on the First Amendment, cyberspace law, harassment law, and gun control.

It's a hot topic, and the panelists themselves point out some important considerations.  Click on the podcast icon below, or download it from MIPTC's podcast RSS feed.


Posted by J. Craig Williams on Thursday, October 27, 2005

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