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The “Voice” Of A Judge

The legendary music club CBGB has received a temporary stay of execution from a New York judge after failing to pay rent increases according to its lease for the past four years. Apparently, the landlord failed to notice during this time period that the club didn’t submit the agreed-to increases as provided in the lease.

The most interesting aspect of this case involves Judge Joan Kenney and her opinion. Who would have ever guessed that a judge would say in print that CBGB actually improved the character and quality of life in the neighborhood. According to the records, Judge Kenney would have been a teenager during the formidable years of CBGB and attended both undergraduate and law school in New York (S.U.N.Y. Albany & S.U.N.Y Buffalo). It is interesting to consider the potential tone and outcome of this opinion had it been penned by an octogenarian judge who had never heard of the Ramones or Television (the band). This twist is just one example of the unique character of the judicial opinions upon which much of our system of law is based. Opinions are the voice of the court and our link to understanding the law. The personal nature reflected in each opinion should be both critiqued and respected as a unique feature of our justice system.

Here's my question, though:  wouldn’t it be interesting to see Judge Kenney’s record collection?


Posted by Michel J. Ayer on Friday, August 12, 2005

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