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Wormholes: Bring Money, Guns and Lawyers

A new suit filed Tuesday alleges that Microsoft is responsible for identity theft due to hacking.

Filed by Newport Beach plaintiff's attorney Dana Taschner, he lawsuit claims: "Microsoft's eclipsing dominance in desktop software has created a global security risk. As a result of Microsoft's concerted effort to strengthen and expand its monopolies by tightly integrating applications with its operating system ... the world's computer networks are now susceptible to massive, cascading failure."

Wow. So that's what my computer's problem is.

The suit further alleges that Microsoft engaged in unfair business practices because it failed to secure its software against worms, viruses and cyber attacks. The suit is brought by a LA film editor whose identity was stolen.

"If you live in the modern world, you must use Microsoft," said Taschner. "You can't on the other hand say, 'We're not responsible.' "

On the other hand, Microsoft has a different perspective. This complaint misses the point," Microsoft spokesman Sean Sundwalll argued. "The problems caused by viruses and other security attacks are the result of criminal acts by the people who write viruses."

An article entitled the Hacker Challenge supports the position taken in this lawsuit. At least the NB attorney found an expert to support his position.

It's kind of like the defense adopted by the gun industry: we can't be responsible for how the guns are used by criminals.

That defense may just shoot a hole in this new lawsuit.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, October 03, 2003

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