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What Can You Do With A Law Degree?

That headline is not an existential question, it's the title of a book, by Deborah Aaron, now deceased. Her publisher, however, sent it to me to review. So, review I will.

The book is a great resource for anyone asking the question that's the title of the book. All the way from career development, recognizing change, developing skills for a job hunt and alternative jobs.

Basically, the book answers the question it asks with a open-ended response: you can do anything with your degree. The best part of the book is not the book itself, but the six appendices. Here are the titles:

1. The 7 Lawyer Types & Their Career Options
2. Online Job-Search Resources
3. Career Counseling, Testing & Online Self-Assessment
4. Job Options, Inside, Outside and Around the Law
5. Opportunities for Transforming Your Practice
6. Index to Legal Organizations Online

But what I'm going to do with my law degree is not a question I've got; I already have my answer. That said, I thought the Renaissance Lawyer links in Appendix 5 were tremendously interesting, and certainly ones that Matt Homann may want to investigate and blog about further.

A good question to ask and even better answers in the book.


Posted by J. Craig Williams on Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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