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Round Up The Posse

I thought the Wild Wild West was a thing of the past, but after reading the following article, I realize now I may have been mistaken. Apparently, if you are dissatisfied with the job the Department of Homeland Security is doing patrolling our nationís borders for illegal immigrants, the Minuteman Project seeks your assistance in helping guard the United Statesí Southwestern border.

The group claims that their effort is essentially just an expanded version of a Neighborhood Watch group, but I canít imagine McGruff the Crime Dogģ approving. This tactic is a far cry from your neighbors keeping an eye out the window during dinner or watching your house and bringing in your newspaper while youíre on vacation.

As grateful as I am that my neighbors look out for my family in those ways, I wouldnít feel comfortable if one of them spent 24 hours a day sitting on their front porch with binoculars and a police scanner either, but thatís just me.


Posted by Michel J. Ayer on Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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