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Into the Lap of Justice

It seems like those who want to escape justice may just find themselves sitting in the very lap of justice sooner than they thought. Ben Rogozensky, a Decatur, Georgia inmate found himself in a precarious position recently during an escape attempt.

Apparently, while in the courtroom and waiting for his hearing to begin, Rogozensky met with his attorney in an empty jury room with a deputy standing guard outside. During the meeting, Rogozensky excused himself to the adjacent restroom and attempted to escape through a ceiling crawl space.

Unfortunately for Rogozensky, he found out that the ceiling wasn't quite as reliable as he had hoped. In the midst of his escape route, he fell through the ceiling into State Court Judge J. Antonio Del Campo's chambers, and was captured by a technician working on the judge's computer.

That's one of the more unique ways to cut through a busy judge's long docket.

Posted by Denise Gunkut on Wednesday, September 10, 2003

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