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The Hulk vs. Snow White

You might be looking for a little comic relief today. I know I am.

Then it's fitting that Marvel Comics sued Disney over the ownership rights to its intellectual property in some of its characters.

I use that term "intellectual property" loosely when referring to comics. But, Marvel apparently takes it very seriously.

I mean, it's Spider-man vs. Mickey Mouse.

X-Men vs. Cruella De Vil.

The Hulk vs. Maleficent (Ok, she's the stand-in for Snow White).

Millions of dollars seriously. Apparently, Marvel did sell the rights to its characters, and Disney may have ended up with them, but Marvel now claims it didn't grant the rights to Disney. Now it wants the millions that Disney made with Marvel's characters.

I can't understand why Marvel is concerned about teaming up Thor and Captain America with Peter Pan.

They all fly, right?

Imagine the possibilities.

I've always thought of Davey Crockett as a superhero.


Posted by J. Craig Williams on Tuesday, November 02, 2004

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