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It's Not Easy Getting Old and Robbing Banks

Once you hit 70, you've got most things figured out. You'd think, too, that a 70-year-old, once-convicted bank robber would have a leg up on the rest of us on how to rob a bank.

I mean the stocking-over-the-head thing should probably be passe' for this guy.

But nooooo.

Small-town Versailles, Illinois is the scene for the attempted caper by Gordon A. Bryant. He showed up at the Farmers State Bank wearing a stocking mask over his head. At the front door. And wanted to be buzzed in.

The bank, however, had installed a buzzer door entry system to foil would-be robbers after a successful robbery some months earlier.

According to news reports, "alert" (how "alert" would you have to be?) bank employees refused to let the unusually-clad gentleman in. Go figure.

Frustrated, Bryant drove away. Presumably after removing his stocking mask. But again, "alert" bank employees called the sheriff, who managed to catch Bryant. In a typical understatement, Brown County Sheriff Jerry Kempf commented, "When you're going into a bank, you usually don't wear those in there. It's not Halloween. He's 70 years old, you would hope he would have learned by now."

If convicted, Bryant could be in his 90s before he gets out. Maybe by then, he will have learned. It only took one time for the bank to figure out what to do.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Wednesday, July 07, 2004

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