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Can I have a Witness (fee)?

$35.00??? That's it?

When you appear in Court or have your deposition taken, you sometimes will get a check for a whopping $35.00, no matter how long they keep you there. Your hourly rate is likely much more than the paltry sum you get paid.

Is it your civic duty? Are you entitled to more? What about that guy who sued his doctor for standing him up for three hours at his doctor's appointment? Even he got an award in excess of $300.00.

One California court doesn't think you're entitled to more than that measly $35.00 witness fee. In the case of Baker-Hoey v. Lockheed Martin, a doctor sat for in a deposition for several hours, but only got a $35.00 award from the Court, even though that doctor's hourly rate was through the roof.

The Court here properly interpreted the law as it presently stands. If we were to ask the Court for relief, they'd say we need to go talk to your legislator - that is if they're not busy running for governor of California.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Thursday, August 21, 2003

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