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Quote of the Day - China is part of our global supplier network. These are business decisions made based on cost, quality and the capability of the supplier. - Rob Laird

News Of Chinese Supreme Court Justice's Cancer Met With Applause

Don't get me wrong here; I wish no ill on anyone (whether from China or North Korea), but I can't help but observe what a mixed message that headline generates. Here's the story: lawyers resent the Communist government so much that they greeted the news cited above with cheers and applause. Wow! Can you imagine similar applause for one of our leaders?

But let's examine the root cause of that level of frustration, from our own perspective. While some might quickly point out the new Made in America campaign, I'm not going to be so quick.Let's think about this for a moment.

Here are the facts as I see them.

  1. We are in a recession;
  2. There are a lot of Americans without jobs.
  3. Most of those jobs went overseas, some to China, because the cost of production is cheaper there.
  4. China is one of the world's worst polluters (link has sound and video). Few regulations = less cost to produce.
  5. China does not regulate much at all.
  6. The United States is one of the world's strictest regulators of just about anything that goes into the environment. Lots of regulations = higher cost to produce.
  7. The United States regulates just about everything - so much that we've given regulations their own web page:

(Let me know if I got anything wrong here.)

Now put those factors together with whatever other ones you want to throw in on this conversation (comment below) and explain the question of the day to me: Why is just about everything in our homes Made in China?

Now before you get to answering the question of the day, see if you can figure this one out: a factory in China produces "Free Tibet" flags. That oxymoron should convince you of one thing: the value of the Almighty Yuan, and maybe, just maybe, the answer to today's question.

Oh yes, it's the Almighty Dollar.

Maybe we're missing the part that money and goods are simply an exchange between two people. What happened to the folks next door?

Oh that's right.  They moved.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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