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An Uncharacteristic Rant - Way Too Many Ads

Aren't there enough ads already? I flew back from a client meeting this afternoon on America West, and after we had gotten through the standard safety speeches, demonstrations and did-your-mother-send-you out-with-holes-in-your-underwear checks, I settled in.

In coach, next to a burly guy who felt he needed part of my seat until I invited him to move over and leave an empty seat between us.

Then to be interrupted by the captain who had his pitch to make and thank-you-very-much-for-flying-with-us-today jingle.

Only to be greeted by the cackling stewardess' voice who promptly reminded me that my tray back should be in the upright and locked position for takeoff, that the captain hadn't yet turned off the fasten seat belt light and that because the flight was so short there would be an abbreviated cabin service this afternoon, thank you very much.

Then the guy in the middle showed up, bigger than both me and the guy by the window, and no empty seats elsewhere.

At least the airlines are making money with full flights.

Apparently, though, things have gotten so bad that they now have to sell more ads. On the plane.

You'll never guess where.

On the top of the tray tables when they're folded down. Mine encouraged me to watch the History Channel's new mini-series, The Barbarians are Coming.

I won't have to though. He was seated next to me for the hour-long flight. I already saw that movie and got that T-shirt.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, January 16, 2004

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