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Behind Lawyer2Lawyer: The Legal Talk Network

For the last three years, Bob Ambrogi and I have been the voices you hear on the Legal Talk Network, but what you probably don't know is who's behind the scenes making it all happen.  The show is actually produced in Boston, where the Legal Talk Network is located.  Lu Ann Reeb and Scott Hess founded the company and run the entire show.  Both are private pilots to boot. 

They fly planes out of the Norwood Airport, and Scott loves to tinker with plane and helicopter engines when he's not keeping all of the Legal Talk Network's high-end television and radio equipment humming.  They also produce television shows for lawyers, some of which are featured on national media and on YouTube and have put together the finest settlement videos I've ever seen.

The Boston Business Journal just ran this article on Lu, which will give you a glimpse into Lu and her team.

LTN is staffed by the capable Kate Kenny, our Assistant Producer who lines up our guests each week and writes the Lawyer2Lawyer script for us.  Audio Engineer Mike Hochman mans the mixer board and edits our gaffes out to make us sound professional.  LTN recently added Deb Curran as its Director of Sales and Business Development, and she has located our long-lost sponsors and brought a new dimension to the show - profitability.  It's the teamwork at the Legal Talk Network that pulls it all together. 

The true glory is not in front of the microphone.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, February 20, 2009

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