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Avvo Appoints J. Craig Williams To Its Legal Advisory Board

After killing me off during its beta phase more than a year ago, I've now joined's Legal Advisory Board.  It's been quite a turnaround. (Avvo is short for Avvocato, which means "lawyer" in Italian) is a website that helps people navigate the complex and confusing legal industry to help them choose a lawyer.  Here's how my relationship with the company got started.

Avvo launched its website in mid-2007, and when I first checked my listing, Avvo listed me as dead.  I blogged about it and Avvo reached out to me and within a day or two, fixed the problem.  I'm now alive and listed on their site.  They've got a team of ultra-diligent folks who follow up with complaints about the service, and as CEL Mark Britton says, "we listen to our users and make changes."   And listen they do.  Most recently, Avvo launched a new look and new services, Avvo Legal Guides and Avvo Answers & Advice

Mark and I started an off-and-on series of long telephone conversations over the past year and almost immediately became good friends.  Mark is one of those guys who does what he says he will - you can always count on him, and as a consequently, his company.   As we talked about the services offered by Avvo, I offered suggestions only to see them turn into tweaks on the site. 

Avvo is constantly trying to improve its product of providing a means of allowing consumers to connect with reputable lawyers; an admirable goal.  As a new company, there's always things to fix and people that won't be happy being rated.  As part of the team now, I'm here to help, too.  If you have concerns about the site that aren't being addressed, let's talk.  Just don't sit back and complain.  If you're a lawyer, claim your profile and get a free website.  Start responding to consumer questions and you'll get clients.  Write and post a legal guide, and show you're a professional.  Get involved.  If you're a consumer, find a lawyer if you need one.  If you've already got one, review your lawyer

The best part about the site, however, is connecting those who wouldn't otherwise get connected.  In one location, consumers can read all about lawyers from a neutral source.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, August 03, 2008

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