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BrideZilla And GroomKong Or Legitimate Lawsuit?

We all know the portmanteau BrideZilla, a combination of the two words Bride and Godzilla, shortened up to mean "monster bride."  Once both are involved in the melee, I've invented a new portmanteau of King Kong and the complaining husband-to-be:  "GroomKong."

You get to judge whether the Bride and Groom's complaint in this situation is valid, or whether they're a BrideZilla and GroomKong. 

Take my friend Matthew Heller's identification of Bride Marcy Bassilla and Groom Sans Milbury, who paid more than $18,000 for their September 2007 wedding reception at the Embassy Room in the Granite Rose in Hampstead, New Hampshire.  Kevin's great blog, OnPoint, describes the situation:  "the Milburys claim they suffered lasting trauma after things got 'out of hand' at the other wedding party in the neighboring Treasure Room."

They had been advised by the Granite Rose that another reception would be in the adjacent room, but were assured they wouldn't "even know the other party was there," according to the Milburys. 

Then from the wedding reception next door, "the trouble began with several 'completely intoxicated' female guests -- including the bride - 'vomiting all over the common bathroom' between the two banquet rooms and attacking the Milburys' female guests who were trying to use it."  The Granite Rose, according to the complaining couple, let things get further out of hand, and then at around midnight, closed down both rooms at the same time.

Matthew continues, "A 'general melee' then ensued in the parking lot that, The Eagle Tribune newspaper reported, left 'numerous' people with cuts, bruises and black eyes. It took police from 12 local departments to break the brawl up."  Did you catch the part where twelve local police departments were called out?  It took 22 squad cars full of officers to break up the fight of between 50 and 100 wedding partygoers.  Allegedly, one of the Milburys' female guests was threatened at knifepoint close to the time the brawl finally broke up around 2:50 a.m.

Houston, we have a problem.

Needless to say at this point, Mr. and Mrs. Milbury of Danvers, Massachusetts filed a lawsuit against the Granite Rose.  According to the suit, "Marcy Milbury witnessed many of the events, particularly the parking lot melee" and is emotionally distraught.  Worse yet, she has to relive the event again and again as her guests discuss it and exchange wedding photographs. 

Plus, there's the newspaper account and all those police reports. 

She and her husband want the Granite Rose to return the $18,175.09 they paid for their "disastrous wedding reception," according to the lawsuit, "for emotional distress" plus "multiple damages" and attorneys fees. 

Matthew Heller points out in his commentary that New Hampshire, you have to show physical injury first in order to recover for emotional distress, which apparently did not happen to either the bride or the groom.  Although I'm not admitted in the Granite state, I would have also sued the neighboring wedding party.

You be the judge.  Who wins from whom, and how much?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Thursday, February 07, 2008

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