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Save The Date: WLF's Sixth Annual Fall Harvest Open House

Yes, I understand Winter is in full swing everywhere else in the country other than Southern California.  Not that I want to rub it in, and I will certainly express my sympathies to those who have suffered at the recent Winter storms raging across the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Northeast.  That's why I live in Southern California.  I can drive with the top down on my car, which I did this morning, but may not be able to do tomorrow.  It's supposed to rain.  Aww, you say.  Dig up some of this white stuff, you say. 

Well, yes I can do that here, too, since we keep our snow where it belongs:  up in the mountains, not down here in the valleys.

So why am I talking about our next Annual Fall Harvest Open House?  Especially since this year's has already passed?  You can thank Blawg Review Ed. and David Lat over at Above The Law.  They're talking about law firm holiday parties.  You remember?  While I do, most of those stories don't bear repeating here. 

While we certainly don't throw parties like they do in New York, we know how to have a good time.  There's plenty of interesting folks, which make the party a huge success year after year.  Judges, politicians, lawyers, clients, vendors and many others in our community show up for the first-of-the-season kickoff party.  We hold it in early November to avoiding interfering with Thanksgiving and the several different "winter holidays," which is how we now refer to Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Ramadan, Christmas, Diwali and New Year's (for you atheists out there).  It works well because folks aren't as overburdened with holiday commitments in early November as they are in December.

So, like the headline says, save the date November 13, 2008.  You won't want to miss our sixth.   Just don't forget to RSVP next October.  We need a head count.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Tuesday, December 04, 2007

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