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Private Company Levels Class Action Against DHL For Delivering Nothing More Than A Bill

Rarely do you see companies filing class actions.  Usually, it's an individual who sues with a cadre of plaintiff's lawyers on the caption.  That set of circumstances makes it all the more interesting to consider Cerdant, Inc. of Ohio sued DHL.  Cerdant provides network security, data vaults and virtual private networks for other companies and DHL (also known as Airborne Express) delivers packages.

Cerdant, however, alleges that when DHL doesn't deliver a package, it delivers a bill anyway.  In fact, Cerdant complains in its complaint that DHL charges "shipping fees" and "fuel surcharges" to customers who price information and print a waybill on DHL's website, but never asked DHL to deliver anything.  Cerdant also complaints DHL's website creates billing accounts for potential customers and then sends a bill regardless of whether the potential customer ever delivered anything to DHL to be shipped.

MIPTC looks skeptically at most class actions, and I've frequently complained in the past about the apparent boondoggle of attorneys fees that result, along with the modicum of relief usually granted by the court, such as coupons that frequently go unused instead of actual monetary damages.  But that's another rant.

Here's one you'll want to stay tuned to follow.  Oh yes.  FedEx and UPS?  Pay attention, too.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, August 19, 2007

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