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Just Pave Over Paradise: Trees Are The Reason We Have Global Warming

Yep, you read that right.  At least one scientist in Germany believes tress are really the reason we have a greenhouse effect.  According to Frank Keppler of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, trees emit methane.

You know.  The stuff that comes out of the backsides of cows - methane gas. 

At least they're consistent.  Last year, the Max Planck Institute announced in a different study:  "Reductions in airborne particle pollution, or aerosols, as air quality is improved, will amplify climate change by reducing the cooling effect due to aerosols and also by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide that remains in the atmosphere."  In other words, global warming will accelerate.

Perhaps a lot faster now that we know trees emit methane.  Heck, and I thought they absorbed carbon dioxide and released oxygen.

It must be the new math.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, May 13, 2007

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