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Taking A Shot On The Highest Court In The Land

MIPTC is in Washington, D.C., and doing some business about town, including the Supreme Court.  When you're visiting the Court, you can take a tour and participate in a lecture inside the main courtroom where oral arguments are heard.  It's a great opportunity to learn more about the Court and learn how much Americans don't know about our court system by the questions that are asked during the lecture.

Bar members are entitled to preferred seating just behind the counsel tables, and the courtroom is much smaller than most federal courts.  There is virtually no well between counsel tables and the bench, and the room is not overly intimidating.  Bar members can also use the Supreme Court law library, a bit smaller than the law library at the Library of Congress, but much quieter, with no lines to wait in for help from the librarians.

But the best part about the tour is to actually take a shot on the highest court in the land.  That's right, above the courtroom and the law library is a low-ceiling basketball court - a full court.  You can take a few shots there if no one is using it and the Court is not in session - I did, and even made a few baskets.  But when I asked the clerk who took me up there whether any of the justices played, he responded with a groaner.

The justices don't play basketball very much because they spend so much time on the bench.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Sunday, November 05, 2006

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