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Who's Funding The Campaign Against Prop 87, The $400 Million Tax On Oil?

Regular readers know that MIPTC occasionally exhibits some small amount of sarcasm.  I'd say it shows up in just about every post, but that's just me.  Today's post, however, will be a model of restraint.  Let's get started.

Our players today include Californians for Clean Energy, the group that got Prop 87 on the ballot.  On the other side are Californians Against Higher Taxes.  Here's the primer for those among us who are consistently challenged by trying to remember what number stands for which Proposition and whether we're supposed to vote for or against it and which election we're supposed to vote in:  CCE is the link for those who support Prop 87, and CAHT is the link for those who oppose Prop 87. 

If you're measuring the effect of Prop 87 in dollars, it will impose a $400 million tax on oil companies.  Call me silly, but my guess is that the net effect of the tax will be passed on to you and me.  Sure, oil company profits are soaring, but perhaps a better alternative would be to buy stock in the oil companies, not tax them. 

I'm just looking out for our collective pocketbooks.

On the other hand, if you're measuring the effect of Prop 87 for the environment, it looks like the money will be well spent. 

I'm just looking out for our environment.


The Californians for Clean Energy want to clear up your confusion, so they sued to make Californians Against Higher Taxes reveal the two biggest entities who are donating money to the cause.

Now unless you've been on Pluto, which by the way is no longer a planet and plans to bring suit against the scientists who de-planetized it (another story for another day), the you likely already have the answer that Californians for Clean Energy want you to know.

Let's see.  What do we know so far?  Prop 87 wants to tax oil companies some $400 million dollars.  A group called Californians Against Higher Taxes opposes the Proposition and has started a media campaign to kill the Proposition.

Who do you think supports Californians Against Higher Taxes?  I'll go out a limb here and venture a guess that it's the OIL COMPANIES? 

Just a guess.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Saturday, September 16, 2006

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