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Tech Tip Of The Day: A Laser Turntable

MIPTC is stuck in the 70s. That's right.  Classic rock.  You can say I'm showing my age, and you'd be right.

For me, eight-track tape players and records contain some of the best - and some of the worst - music.  It's fun to listen to my old LPs, but the crackling and the popping can get annoying.

Never fear, through.  ELP Corporation* has put our a Laser Turntable to cure those evils.  The needle never touches the LP.  It may melt it, but it doesn't touch it.  Just kidding about the melting part.  Reviews of the product are absolutely glowing.

There's only one problem with the turntable, according to the reviews.  A $15,000 price tag. 

I'll stick with my XM Radio for now.


*MIPTC has no interest in ELP Corporation, and would decline it if offered.  Moreover, the company is not a sponsor of this blog.  But if they offered me one of those turntables, you can bet I'll take one.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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