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Fellow Bloggers Robert Ambrogi And Monica Bay Rake In Tabbie Awards

MIPTC's co-host on Coast to Coast, our Internet legal radio show, Robert Ambrogi, just won an award for his  "Web Watch" column in Law Technology News.  Bob won the 2006 Silver Tabbie Award for best regular column from Trade Association Business Publications International. The editorial and design competition honors English-language publications from throughout the world in 12 editorial categories.  About his column, the judges wrote:   "This column contains tons of useful information and the author did his research.  I like the fact that one of the columns provoked a change -- the author is researching and writing about something that matters not only to him, but to others in the industry too."  Bob also writes LawSites and Media Blog Network sister blogs to MIPTC

As LTN editor Monica Bay reports, two other publications that she oversees took home honorable mentions in the same category:  Small Firm Business, for the column "Practice Perfect," and Law Firm Inc., for Monica's column "Dirty Little Secrets." LTN's "EDD Showcase" won an honorable mention in the Special Section category.  MIPTC also offers its congratulations to Monica, who also writes The Common Scold, which is likewise a sister blog.  Thanks to Monica and Bob for the tip, and letting me steal copy from their sites for this post.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Friday, July 07, 2006

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