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Spousal Support Doesn't Have To Last Forever

OK, fine.  Comments are open.  If you favor indefinite spousal support, then get your computer keyboard ready.  Otherwise, just hold on for the ride.

Back in 1979 when real rock-and-roll ended, Greg and Michelle were married.  They spilt up in 1995 and ultimately divorced in2000.  Michelle was a self-employed florist earning about $650 a month.  Starting in 1995, Greg paid $2,000 a month in spousal support, and continued to pay unabated for the next ten years, until he went in and sought a modification.

He wanted to pay less because Michelle was doing nothing to become "gainfully employed" (the court's words, not mine). 

The court agreed, and ordered that unless Michelle sought retraining (I could think of another phrase, but you get the idea), her spousal support would terminate.  Michelle did nothing to increase her job skills.  Apparently, Michelle remained employed in the floral business, and the judge was not happy about that when Greg came asking to stop paying, and granted Greg's request.

Michelle appealed the decision, but acting as his own lawyer, Greg won.  He doesn't have to pay spousal support (there were no children).

Now before you scroll down to the comment section, there's one more thing.  Despite her relatively low earnings, Michelle somehow was able to squeeze out $500,000 in separate property investments.

Now go ahead and comment.

Update:  Maybe Michelle should try a matchmaker.  Then again, maybe not.  Otherwise, she should try English law.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Thursday, May 25, 2006

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