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Quote of the Day - No national political party is going to nominate another right-wing candidate for a long time. - Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Playboy Interview - May 1966

Coast To Coast Internet Radio Discusses Opposing Views On Roberts' Nomination

For our second internet radio show on Coast to Coast (with me and my Right-coast co-host Robert Ambrogi), today we zero in on John Roberts' nomination for Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court with a lively discussion.  Our guests on the show are Professor Craig Bradley from Indiana University School of Law, who clerked for the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Elliot Mincberg, Vice President and Legal Director of People for the American Way, a nationally known advocacy group opposing the Roberts' nomination, Professor Gail Heriot from the San Diego School of Law, former counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and who writes the Right Coast legal blog and Lyle Denniston who has been one of America’s leading Supreme Court reporters for 45 years.  Its an insightful group weighing in on one of the most historic times for America's high court.

Click on the podcast icon below and give a listen to our approximately half-hour show, or download MIPTC's Podcast RSS feed.  Thanks for tuning in!

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 9/6/2005 at 00:26 Comments (0)


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