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Quote of the Day - The two most important rules in life: 1. Donít tell everything you know. - Unknown

There Oughta Be A Law

There's an annual contest entitled:  "There Oughta Be A Law" here in California, and you can submit your idea (application available in Spanish, too).  It generally starts in late September, so go down to the barbershop, beauty parlor (do they still have those?) or wherever you go to solve the world's problems or life's little annoyances and start thinking.

Or, you can just comment here, and I'll pass them along to Senator Joe

Here's one to get you started:  How about a law that requires each portable piece of electronic equipment to use the same charger - or limit the range of chargers to just four or five models that will always be available at your friendly neighborhood electronics store

You can submit your ideas below, big or small, and solve global warming or figure out how to get that tiny red string on the Band-aid to work.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 8/26/2005 at 10:45 Comments (2)



Comments by Steve Brenneman from United States on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 11:39

There ought to be a law prohibiting retailers from using those sticky price tags that you can't get off the product without using some toxic cleaner that must be bad for the environment.


Comments by Carroll from United States on Friday, August 26, 2005 at 20:19

i submit that there out to be a law that says we do NOT need 1000 different models of cell phones...and EACH NEW ONE HAS TO BE TESTED BY AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE OVER 50!!!


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