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Quote of the Day - What can you say about a society that says that God is dead and Elvis is alive? - Society quotes

Elvis is Dead. Climate Change is Happening.

With the recall looming, CalEPA announced that it will join several states' effort to sue the USEPA over greenhouse gases, according to Winston Hickox, Secretary of CalEPA.. The statement appeared in yesterday's Daily Journal. Last month, the USEPA announced that it would not regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

So far, the USEPA has only created voluntary, token programs to address CO2, such as the relatively unknown Climate Leaders program and the more prevelant Energy Star label.

In response to pressure from environmental groups, last month California said it might sue the USEPA, after the USEPA's statement that it did not have the authority from Congress to do more. California, however, will be last on the bandwagon given that Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine have already filed suit. Six other states are considering joining in.

The whole hulabuloo started with a a petition by the International Center for Technology Assessment, which wanted regulation of CO2. Others disagreed.

The only worthwhile sound bite in this whole thing came from an environmental group, quoted in CBS' story. "Elvis is dead. Climate change is happening … It's time to stop the denial and move on with solutions," said Melissa Carey, of the Environmental Defense Fund.

I guess the EDF's motto is "just accept it."

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 10/7/2003 at 07:19 Comments (0)


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