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Quote of the Day - People who know the least always argue the most. - Unknowm

MIPTC May Be Arguing the Bear Flag League's Apple v. Does Amicus Brief

MIPTC will be joining the ranks of bloggers in the Apple v. Does matter. On Monday, I'll be asking the Sixth District Court of Appeal for permission to argue the Bear Flag League's Amicus Brief.

MIPTC is not a member of the BFL, but I'm nearby one of its members, the SoCalLawBlog and in the course of a conversation between us yesterday, it looks like I may get the opportunity to participate in the oral argument in this case. As with most appeals, it will likely be a short argument, if the Sixth DCA will even give me (for the BFL) the chance. There are a few others who may have more reason to argue than me, however. We'll see.

Look to Monday's post for an update.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 6/18/2005 at 23:44 Comments (0)


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