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Quote of the Day - In rivers and bad governments, the lightest things swim at the top. - Benjamin Franklin

Summer Approaches, Men Worry About Swimsuit Season

Every once in awhile, you see news articles on silly laws, and some are actually pretty funny.

But here's one from Cape May, New Jersey, that gives a whole new meaning to summer as swimsuit season approaches.

No, it's not women's swimsuits - it's men's Speedos. The law banning men's tight swimsuits in the beachfront town of Cape has gone the way of ... well, let your imagination fill in that blank.

Some are (rightfully so) dead set against it, and some earn medals.

How would you have voted if you were on the Cape May City Council? Put yourself in their, well, er, shoes. Yea or nay?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 5/3/2005 at 00:18 Comments (0)


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