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Quote of the Day - Look for the ridiculous in everything, and you will find it. - Jules Renard

Spitzer Sues Software Supplier Stopping Spyware

Your hard drive just took one step closer to you, and away from others trying to deposit spyware there. New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer sued Intermix Media, alleging that the company installs spyware on our computers, an successfully had some four million downloads in New York alone.

Intermix, a Los Angeles company, posted this news item on its website, which mysteriously noted that an Intermix spokesperson had no comment. So much "no comment" that it didn't even comment in the AP story it posted on its own site, but it did have this to say about that, posted elsewhere on its site:

" 'Many of the practices being challenged were instituted under prior leadership, and it has been voluntarily and proactively improving these applications and related consumer disclosure and functionality for some time.' Intermix ceased distribution of the applications at issue earlier this month, it said."

In other words, "we used to do it, but not anymore."

My hard drive is pleased. How about yours?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 4/30/2005 at 23:09 Comments (0)


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