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MIPTC's Friday Series: Grape Radio - Winemaker Spotlight: Jeff Dobkin - Thompkin Cellars

As a companion service to MIPTC's Friday At The Movie series, my other buddies want to encourage you to drink some wine with that popcorn. So, give a listen to their podcast spotlighting Thompkin Cellars. Here's what the guys have to say:

Grape Radio #10: Is there a doctor in the house? Doctors Jeff Dobkin and wife Julie Thompson have been bitten by the wine bug. The only cure appears to be the Cabernet Franc of their family wine called “Couchant." Recently relocated, Thompkin Cellars grapes are grown in Santa Barbara and then processed and aged in their Costa Mesa, California facility.

With future plans for a Syrah and Grenache, this is a winery worth watching.

Posted by Brian, Leigh and Jay on 3/4/2005 at 11:30 Comments (0)


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