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MIPTC's Friday Series: Grape Radio Looks At Your Sommelier.

As a companion service to MIPTC's Friday At The Movie series, my other buddies want to encourage you to drink some wine with that popcorn. So, give a listen to their podcast spotlighting blind tastings. Here's what the guys have to say:

Grape Radio #9: Did you ever notice a guy with that funny thing around his neck and a corkscrew in his hand? He is probably a sommelier, and you'll find him in top flight restaurants that call for top flight service. Today’s guest, Brian Harley, is the sommelier at one of Southern California premier restaurants. Since 1972, The Hobbit has been known as a unique dining experience, offering a seven-course, prix-fixe menu and of course, top wines. In fact, Wine Spectator Magazine has rated it as having one of the country’s finest wine cellars.

Posted by Brian, Leigh and Jay on 2/25/2005 at 13:24 Comments (0)


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