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Quote of the Day - Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. - Jane Howard

The First Month Of 2005 Is Over. How Are Your Resolutions Coming Along?

Are you relaxing at home tonight? (Subscription required to access link). According to the statistics in that last link, if you're a lawyer, you're probably not. At least some 87% are not. But I don't think the phenomenon is limited to lawyers.

Even so, the January 31, 2005 California Law article notes that "attorneys toil at home an average of nine nights per month, though 13% say they never work from home. On the other end of the spectrum, 7.5 percent of those surveyed have "homework" at least 25 evenings each month, and another 10.5 percent work from home 20 to 24 nights per month," writes June D. Bell.

I checked Matt's blog to see if he caught this story yet, but he hadn't. We'd all be interested in his perspective, I'm sure. Perhaps, however, it isn't Matt's perspective, but your family's that matters.

Ask them. Find out whether being buried in your computer is "quality time" with the family. If you're like me, you probably already know the answer. In some ways, it's too late for me. My kids are grown and off to graduate school (two of three are married), so I'll never really know the answer to that question. Or do I already?

In any event, it's time to ask some questions: How blissful is your life? Do you have time to do something about it? What are your resolutions and goals?

Most important, what are you going to do?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 1/31/2005 at 12:02 Comments (0)


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